Terms and conditions

All our offers and deliveries are subject to the trade conditions for tree nurseries in the Netherlands (HBN 2020). These trade conditions have been registered under number 12/2020 and were filed at the Registry of the District Court in the Hague, in the Netherlands, on the 12th of May 2020. We can send you a copy of these trade conditions upon request.

  • The prices listed are for nursery grown plants from Denekamp, prices are subject to typing and printing errors as well as interim changes.
  • All prices are in Euros and are excluding VAT.
  • Freight costs will be invoiced separately upon delivery in conformity with the freight costs submitted to Leuveld | Hinrichs | Huelsmann Nurseries B.V. by the shipping company.
  • Containers will be invoiced in conformity with the following rates, see: Returning containers. The prices listed for containers and packaging materials are indicative. Interim price changes reserved.   
  • Please note that containers that are being returned need to be in a reusable state. You may only return containers which we have delivered, which we have charged your for and which have been added to your container balance. Containers which cannot be reused due to being damaged are not eligible for reimbursement and will also not be accepted.
  • Danish CC containers and sheets need to be returned immediately. We retain the right to charge rental costs in conformity with the daily rate issued by CC Centrale if you do not return the CC containers and sheets immediately.
  • Leuveld | Hinrichs | Huelsmann Nurseries B.V. is not liable for shipping damages. Complaints about shipping damages or missing items shall be listed on the carrier’s CMR and be reported to us within 24 hours.
  • Complaints and defects must be reported to Leuveld | Hinrichs | Huelsmann Nurseries B.V. within 5 days. Defects must be submitted in writing and be accompanied by clear photos.
  • Unless agreed to otherwise, all deliveries are subject to a payment period of 14 days after invoicing. The delivered items will remain the property of Leuveld | Hinrichs | Huelsmann Nurseries B.V. until payment has been received in full.