Leuveld boomkwekerijen, Hinrichs Pflanzen and Hülsmann Baumschulen

Leuveld Nurseries, Hinrichs Plants, and Hülsmann Tree Nurseries are joining forces as a total supplier for the Home and Garden Group after years of collaboration.

By entering into this partnership between the mentioned companies, we aim to position ourselves better in the market and offer Home and Garden Group members a better and broader range of products, sourced from one location and from our own nurseries.

Some positive points we would like to highlight:

  • Having a single point of contact.
  • The possibility of price labeling.
  • Everything sourced from three nurseries from one location.
  • With prices from our own nurseries delivered directly to you as a member of the Home and Garden Group.

Leuveld Nurseries:
Specializing in hedge plants on 150 hectares of open-field cultivation and 12 hectares of container cultivation, Leuveld can offer its customers a comprehensive package of hedge plants year-round. With root ball or in containers, we have a wide range available almost year-round in many different sizes. Thanks to our cultivation methods and the fertile, loamy sand soil, we can grow beautiful full plants with a sturdy and well-rooted root ball.

For more information: About Leuveld | Leuveld Nursery

Hinrichs Plants:
Hinrichs Plants is a family-owned company that sells high-quality plants from its own nursery, for example, a wide range of shrubs. Production using modern production methods results in plants with uniform, vigorous growth. The journey from young plant to the end product ready for sale to the customer is accompanied by years of experience and excellent service.

For more information: Hinrichs Plants

Hülsmann Tree Nurseries:
Since 1991, we have been operating as a container nursery in Edewecht-Husbäke on the coastal canal. On 20 hectares, we produce compact container plants. With a special focus, we cultivate deciduous trees, Hydrangea macrophylla, petiolaris, and paniculata, Prunus laurocerasus, Vaccinium, grasses, and hedge plants such as Carpinus, Fagus, and Ligustrum.

For more information: Hülsmann Tree Nurseries

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