Leuveld | Hinrichs | Huelsmann Trees and plants

You can find our hedging plants all over Europe.

Leuveld | Hinrichs | Huelsmann is passionate about greenery.


Tucked away in the beautiful landscape of East Twente is Leuveld | Hinrichs | Huelsmann Nurseries. On the border between the Netherlands and Germany, a nursery that can rightly be called a leader has emerged in recent years.

The nursery came into being as Harald Leuveld | Hinrichs | Huelsmann’s passion. It was next to his father’s farm in Borne. ‘In the evenings and weekends, in addition to my work as a butcher, I started growing conifers’, says Harald. ‘I saw that other Entrepreneurs in the neighbourhood were slowly converting the farm into a nursery and thought I should try that too’. After 25 years, you can rightfully say that this ‘trying’ has grown into a leading nursery. Nevertheless, Leuveld | Hinrichs | Huelsmann has stayed true to his origins. The company is still modest, enterprising, no nonsense and still constantly innovating.

What does Leuveld | Hinrichs | Huelsmann do?

Over the years, we’ve specialised in hedge plants. ‘In fact, we’ve grown fastest in what we do best, which is growing good hedge plants’, says Harald. ‘We’ve tried lots of other crops over the years but growing these plants just suits us really well’. In the meantime, the company has grown into one of the larger nurseries of hedge plants in Europe. With 150 hectares of open field and 12 hectares of container cultivation, Leuveld | Hinrichs | Huelsmann can offer its customers a total package of hedge plants all year round. Whether they’re root balled or containerised, we have a wide range of products available in many different sizes all year round. Thanks to our cultivation methods and favourable types of soil, we can grow beautiful, bushy and healthy plants with a sturdy and well-rooted root ball.


Getting ahead with cultivation methods

Quality can only be achieved by controlling all steps in the cultivation. To be certain of guaranteeing consistently high quality, in recent years we’ve invested heavily
and modernised in a number of areas. It doesn’t matter whether it’s about growing youngplants in a uniform quality, improving our cultivation methods or optimising our mechanisation. Our team has its own experts in all these areas, and they’re constantly working to improve our quality. ‘You can’t just grow experts and pick them off the tree. That’s why we’ve been investing in our team for years and why we give people the space to try and learn. ‘This is the only way to stay ahead of the market’, says Harald. I’ve learned the most by looking around and trying things out, and I want my employees to do the same. I encourage them to do so, and I also like to tag along to have a look myself.

By now, we can proudly say that we’re at the forefront in Europe when it comes to growing and marketing hedge plants. We can deliver a good product reliably, at the right time and in the right conditions throughout Europe. Directly from the source to the customer. This is what we’re all about!

  • More than 30 years’ experience
  • Robust plants with a good root ball
  • Large amounts with uniform quality
  • Quick delivery